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The Why

René van Mil, founder and director, brings over 25 years of experience in international credit risk and collections management, consultancy and staffing solutions.

After establishing his trackrecord he decided to open his consultancy and interim management practice in 2010.

Having done various engagements for clients and working with various service providers it has become evident that the typical offering is based on single specialisms. Service providers typically offer one or two solutions. Debt collection agencies always see the solution in debt collection, technology providers focus on technology. All solutions mentioned are valuable but not without proper insight and a bigger plan.

We believe our customers are best served with proper insight and an end-to-end approach.

In our philosophy the market needs a one-stop shop: Cash Conversion  Company


Knowledge & Experience

Strong network

End-to-end approach: People + Process + Technology = Performance


Best Practices

Both Quick Wins and Structural Improvements

Competitive Rates

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